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If my heart was pure gold



Yesterday has been one of the hurting day of my 15 years as human. 

As you all know, I hurt my bag, so yesterday I fell asleep on a heat blanket which is electrical type, then when I woke up at about 12, my bag was burning like fuck. So mum brought me to KKH A&E, then the doctor dianogsed that I have a first degree burn on my back. Gosh, so I have a two day MC. And everyone is laughing at me for being so smart:( 

Loking forward for saturday’s steamboat with my GG loves, and BBQ at night with M.A.D Cell. 






This whole month of June has just been crazy.

Week 1: Guides Camp, My birthday.

I did’nt enjoy myself at all in camp this year. I don’t feel a belonging to the new leaders, they are just different from the previous batch which I have grown a belonging to. My birthday was camp day 1. And we had punishment. The saddest birthday of my life.

Week 2 and 3: TYA camp.

I made many new friends, from various schools. The children were beautiful this year, and seeing them grow is just so (Y). And the councillors, we made great friendship ties. Like Leo, Esther,Farhan,ChongHon,Samantha Wan,Lincoln. Many many more though. I like this guy, and I have no idea why the whole school knows:OO Who is the freaking hell big mouth man:( But still he knows too^^.

Week 4: Last week till school starts.

had a fight with beatrice I guess. She changed. She is super influential on the friends around her I swear. I don’t like k-pop and that’s my choice. That’s the reason why I quitted a long time ago. Because fights always happen between k-pop fans de. And I just hate that. It won’t hurt me if you are no longer my friend. Might as well. 


This holiday does not even seem like one.




Maroon 5



Fight for this love

Fight for this love

Finally its the end of MYE. But i can’t help but be scared of certain subject’s result. Like SS.
Ah ya. Just R&R.

Jordon is back for good;)

That day, mum said could get a dog. Then today she say cannot. #fickleminded

Really don’t know when is her real words and when its not. 😦 Faith this year, is some what like a trash class, with all sorts if shit people in it. They don’t give a fuck about you. Jear at you, criticise you.

Is this how you treat me Lord. I am just going to be better than them in ALL aespect. Trust me, and I mean what I say.




More than this

I love you more than this @onedirection @real_liam_payne

Vision of love

I want to get a vision of love from God. 


7+5=12 days ago. 

This morning, Ah huat, moved back to his new home. Prob my last seeing him.:( Wanted to cry real bad, he is so fucking ADORA-BLE My sweet prince. ❤ This two weeks or so, was just exams, Exams and more EXAMS. I think i so stress till all my pimps are popping out. 

Papers that rock were: English.History-elect.Lit.Maths:))

Papers that suck were:Chem.Chinese.SS

I hope i can get FANTASTIC results this time, if you compared with CT1, i studied like 100000000 times more. 

#nts 11 days to Twelfth Night, Shakespears



“I am sorry for saying goodbye.”




I acted as if I don’t care a bit when I hugged aunty rose that night. 

But trust me, I was upsetting deep down. “I should say that I need you here.” 

She has known me for 14 years. Like really. Aunty Rose, take care in Russia, you will forever be Sarah’s and my heart, wear thick clothes, and if you can’t take it already, come home okay:) Keep in touch okay;) I LOVE YOU>

74th Anniversary

It was a major sucess i guess, many people turned up for the second night, that even it got covered on CNA and on the news. Got to know many new friends:)

I failed my 2.4 though, and SA1 starts on friday.

And guess who i walked home with?


He is so fucking smart in HC’s IP.  Gosh, i am like so far-fetched as compared to him.


Mum, please let me take care of Ah huat:)